Almost Famous

If you know how to appreciate this movie then you will find it touching. Unlike most of the Singapore movies which doesn’t really have an ending, Already Famous has a very realistic and practical story lines. It is the sort of the happily ever after kind of story.

Basically it is a story about a girl dream come true. She has a dream to be a celebrity but because of the way she carry herself, she just don’t make the cut. With the never say die energy and all her hard works, she finally made it.

Of course, to jazz up a little there’s always a prince in every story right? Alien Huang from Taiwan is the prince in the movie. In the first place, when I heard Alien Huang is the male lead I thought this must be a trick used to secure box office just like one of the Singapore movie which feature Linda Liao. BUT I was wrong, this movie with or without Alien Huang will still sell because of the touching story lines.

If you are expecting great hilarious, this movie is not really that hilarious compare to Jack Neo or Mark Lee movies but there are some funny parts though. The part where the chubby little boy wanted to be a ballet dancer after watching the movie Black Swan. Can you imagine a boy doing ballet? :)

To guys, I suppose this movie will be a little draggy to them.

What you don’t know about the movie:

  • Michelle Chong took 7 months of no-pay leave to work on the movie.
  • A lot of people in the industry actually discouraged her but she does exactly what it says on the tin despite all.
  • She poured a 6 figure sum to fund the movie.
  • The movie production cost $899,000.
  • She set up her own movie film “Huat Films” to produce Already Famous.
  • You can expect another movie from Michelle Chong in due time.

Thus, if you haven watch the movie give it a little support alright?

Even if you don’t intend to catch the movie, “like” their Facebook Page to show some support.

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Image Detail

Rate 5/5

This movie is going to be one of those nominated movie! It just touches the heart and make you recall your secondary school days – the sweet memory. The story lines are simply yet with great element of funniness – those small little actions really keep you laughing non-stop. The part where the guy walk around naked in his house and with the dog masturbating on his leg is really the highlight!

A movie that you won’t get tired of watching again and again, no wonder so many people already watch it twice!

The movie is about a group of guys falling for the class “flower”, what they went through as students – the silly little things that they do and the strong friendships among them which kept them in tact till the days when they become an adult.

I am going to get a copy of the VCD when it is release and watch it over and over again and the feeling will be different every year as we grow old…


Rate: 3/5

Another disappointment movie that focus too much being hilarious. The story lines ain’t that original, it is just some story lines extracted from a story book. A predictable movie that I recalled watching before. Scary yes, some degree of it and with the sound systems in the theater one get cold feet watching it.

There wasn’t any ending.

This is that kind of movie that I rather purchase the VCD which probably cost $9.90 when it is release and watch with the whole family rather than paying $10.50 for the movie ticket.

Still, Singapore movie is worth our supports! We just know that the movie is a Singapore movie when the actors casting the movie speak Singlish and that’s the uniqueness of Singapore movie!

Money No Enough 2 is still airing at Taiwan!

Slowly and steadily Singapore movie will touch the world. :)

The Movie to Catch This Weekends: Real Steel

Real Steel

Initially when my sis wanted to catch this movie, I kind of rejected the idea because by the name “Real Steel” it sound kind of steel to me. Then she lured me with dinner so I tagged along.

As usual, going movie with my sister is never punctual – we will always miss the good 5 minutes or so of the starting!

My version of the start is when Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) robot is in the ring with the bull and he was controlling with a remote. So basically this guy buy robots to battle in matches against other robots to win money for a living. Before that he was a boxer.

Then suddenly, his ex-girlfriend passed away and he learnt about the son called Max (Dakota Goyo) whom belong to him and his ex-girlfriend.

Max was good at games and is pretty good at robots commands which his dad lack of. His dad only knew the basic functions of controlling robots but does not pay much interest to learn about the robot’s potential. Thus, no matter how great is the robot his dad loss it all.

The change of their life came about when Max found this robot called Adam which saved his life. This robot is like a mirror image, whatever you do it will follow. With that Max taught the robot how to dance and team up with his dad to teach the robot boxing. Can you imagine how a robot dance? It was so hilarious and cute at the same time!

Eventually they won matches after matches and although they are not the championship, there’s happy ending in the end! (For you to watch and reveal it yourself.)


This is the perfect movie to watch with your partner. Guys just simply love toys and these robots sure catches their heart! For the ladies, look out for this cute little eye candy Max which is so charming cute!

Rate: 4/5


Official website:

Singapore movie always has this unique funniness that display Singapore culture. But this movie not that hilarious and the movie itself does not display any story line. It is here and there then you as an audience has to piece every piece yourself to figure it out the story.

Scary? Yap, a little. What is gross here is the part where Zhu Mi Mi used human meat to cook Bak Kut Teh and stored the head at the refrigerator!

Although it is a waste of money, still support Singapore movie and go and catch it! :) Give Singapore movie an opportunity and in time to comes, I believe they will make good movie!

Rate: 2/5

The movie not to be miss…

Official website:

It is the movie whereby you laugh out loud from the first second of the movie to the last second! REALLY THAT FUNNY!!! The whole cinema was filled with purely laughter.

The starting was a sex scene and that pretty much catches everyone attention! :)

Basically this is a movie about a bride that has a best friend since childhood who got jealous of a braidmaid who claim to be the new best friend of the bride. Ultimately this new best friend of the bride planned the bride wedding instead of the childhood friend.

It is also about a woman who just didn’t know who’s the right man for her, she didn’t know what she’s looking for after being hurt by ex-boyfriend who left her after her cake shop is out of business. Then this woman found some comfort in one night stand with an asshole. Only to realize she hate herself more after seeking such comfort.

Some of the funny parts:

1. Annie left the house of the asshole by climbing over the gate and while she was on top of the gate, the gate opened automatically.

2. The 2 best friends wanted to join the boot camp without paying, so they hid themselves beside a tree and did what the instructor instructed. But the instructor saw them and immediately they were pretending they were dancing and when the instructor yelled they ran for their life.

3. Helen and Annie were fighting over jealousy on giving speeches for the bride and groom. Then they were fighting over who should end the speech and they kept appearing on stage despite Helen said “Thank you for coming.” So it ended with both of them on stage singing “Keep smiling, keep shinning, knowing you can always count on me for sure…That’s what friend are for…

4. On the way home Annie was imitating Helen by being girly while driving and she was driving in zigzag way without realizing until a police car stop her accusing she was drunk driving. Then Annie had to walk in one straight line and to prove further more she’s not drunk she did funny stuff which were hilarious!

5. The bride and all the braidmaids went to a restaurant to dine before their fitting. And while they were in their gown they all had food poisoning except Helen! Then all of them were rushing to the toilet, 1 of them was vomited on the toilet bowl and Megan couldn’t wait but shitted on the basin. The other 1 came in and vomited on the hair of the braidmaid who was using the toilet bowl. Then the bride herself who was on a wedding dress had no choice but to run across the street to use a toilet. But before she could do so, on her way across the street she shitted inside the wedding dress on the street!

6. Annie was scare to be on the plane so Helen offer her some alcohol and Annie got drunk. So she did some funny stuff on the plane which got all of them off the plane.

7. The scene whereby Annie was so jealous at the bridal shower and ate the “fucking cookies” while she embarrassed herself.

8. “She is not getting a party flavour, she is not getting a dog.” Dog for party flavour? HA. Basically everyone of the guest was given a dog! And Megan got plenty of the dogs home.

9. Annie wanted to ask the police man to help find the bride who was missing in action and in order to catches his attention she pretended she was reckless driving, spinning, littering, talking on the phone while driving, consuming alcohol while driving, blasting music in the car, “Hey who’s driving the car”, “Hey I’m topless” and finally she hit the police car to get his attention.

There’s plenty more… you have to catch this movie!

The movie ended with a sex scene too with Megan this time which was a bit gross.

Find out what “I don’t need dental work” means while watching the movie! :)

Rate: 5/5

Fast and Furious 5

Rate: 5/5

This is the perfect movie to catch! It is exciting, hilarious, cheeky all in all it lights up your boring day! The movie that you can really laugh out loud I promise you!

The most interesting parts would be the part when they needed finger prints to open out the safe, so they plot a hot chick who wore bikini to attract the old fellow. Eventually, the old fellow couldn’t resist and there he smacked her butt and that’s when they succeeded – the finger prints was now nicely printed on the bikini bottom!

The other part will be the part where they wanted to have a fast car that was fast enough so that they won’t be caught on the security camera. They then when hunting for race cars one after the other but no matter how fast they drove the security camera still caught them. At the end, they went to seal police cars and even used police cars and raced on the street.

There were lots of funny parts in the movie, really worth watching!

*Don’t leave the cinema yet after the casting, there is sneak preview of Fast and Furious 6 showing Eva Mendes.

Looks like election topics are still top of the agenda:

Somewhere before I met GT to catch the movie, I met an interesting taxi driver. The first thing the taxi driver said: ” wow, your earring very big leh.”

I smile in politeness a sign to end the conversation.

A few minutes later “You stay here huh?”

Immediate response: “No lah, I stay at Ang Mo Kio.” Who will be that dumb to tell a stranger where you stay right?

Taxi driver: “Do you have any room to rent?”

Me: “Nope.”

Taxi driver: “Ai ya, Singapore very difficult to make a living!”

Me: “Why?” I was not really paying him attention, instead my attention was on my iPhone.

Taxi driver: “Headache arh, the room I am renting now the owner want to sell it away.”

Me: “Alight, let me make a call maybe I can help you out.” I called my cousin who deal with property, that’s the least I can do – no harm just a phone call so I dialled.

Taxi driver: “Wow, your network very good!”

Me: “I thought nowadays you can easily find rented room at the MRT advertisement board?”

Taxi driver: “Nah, not trust worthy. I am a Singaporean.”

In my mind “I thought he is a china, he look handsome too – he has very dark black hair and very attractive in a way and he look 30s. One thing that caught my attention was his vanity – he had his eyebrows trimmed!” BUT I WASN’T HOOK BY HIS LOOK!

Me: “How old are you?” Not that I wanted to ask but my cousin need some basic details!

Taxi driver: “F-I-F-T-Y-O-N-E.”

Me: “YOU DON’T LOOK YOUR AGE!” From this moment onwards I sympathized with his situation.

Taxi driver: “That’s the thing! I dated a few ladies and they dumped me because of my age! Because of that I have difficulty buying a HDB now.”

Me: “Then why didn’t you find your the other half earlier?”

Taxi driver: “I was divorced, I left my house to my wife because of my child. Now I feel like gun shotting Mah Bow Tan because of the raising HDB cost! And because of the CPF policy, I can’t even touch my CPF money which has 100k so now I am stuck driving a cab!”

Me: “Did you went to find MP then?”

Taxi driver: “I did! But no use! I voted for the PAP during the last election in hope that they will help me with granting the HDB grant so that I can have my own house. And I went to them twice but because of the rules and regulations I am not eligible. I even e-mailed Lee Hsien Loong! So this time round I voted for Workers’ Party! But frankly speaking, maybe I was a minority so they can’t really do anything to help.”

Me: “Don’t you have family?”

Taxi driver: “In Singapore, how can you stay with your family! There’s always friction. I stayed with them the last time round but we had arguments.”

Me: “What about renting 1 room flat from HDB?”

Taxi driver: “They need 2 names and I only have 1, why not you lend me your name? Are you staying with your husband?”

In my heart: “what a tactic he used!” In other words he was asking “are you single and available?” Which I didn’t care to clarify! I wasn’t wearing any rings. And although age is not a factor BUT f-i-f-t-y-o-n-e yo! He can be my dad already!

Thanks goodness I reached my destination just nice so that I could ignore answering his question!

Before I left the cab “what’s your name?”

“Meixuan.” And I shut the door.

Although I sympathized him, at the same time I sympathized for myself too!

He probably say the same thing to every potential woman on board his cab!

Cheryl Chua Birthday Celebration

Ice Creme Man @ 7 Haji Lane Singapore 189200

We didn’t really plan to have ice cream,  just that after we finished watching Morning Glory it was just too early for dinner. So we chilled at Ice Creme Man which was a turn away from Blu Jaz Cafe which we planned to dine at.

Morning Glory is a pretty good movie, it was hilarious and a good movie to choose when you are dating your girl-friends. We had a good laugh and every one of us enjoyed the movie.

Rate: 4/5

The place was way too cosy, it was cramp! Alright, you can’t expect it to be specious as Haji Lane shop houses are only that specious. Beside the sofa sitting corner and a few bar stood sitting inside there’s a few tables outside the shop. There was a crowd that came in later and couldn’t find any seat to accommodate all despite us being the only group there.

They offered some games to play but some of the games had shortage of cards. The range of the game they offered is limited but then again it is not The Mind Cafe so don’t complain.

The ice cream they served was just not to my liking. I still prefer Ice Cream Chef! Their ice cream is too milky, too soft and it melt too fast!

Setting: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Parking: 1/5
Menu: 2/5
Taste: 1/5
Price: 3/5

BluJaz Cafe @ 11 Bali Lane Singapore 189848

It was a artistic place, it had 3 levels. They had a pretty good crowd, level 1 was filled and level 2 was almost filled at the peak timing. We were there around 6.30pm to 7pm after 9pm the place was quite filled. As we left I saw the stairways to level 3 and I didn’t know what’s at that level. As level 1 was live band, level 2 was DJ music so what’s there at level 3? Hmmm….

The menu:

The menu didn’t end here, these were a few pages only.

The food is really value for money! This is the perfect place to chill out – good food, good entertainment, value for money.

I had the salmon, we shared the chicken wings and curry. In short, it was similar to Astons. The food presentation was good, food look appealing.

Setting: 4/5
Service: 3/5 The staffs were not attentive enough, we order beverages but after we were half way through our food the drinks had yet to arrive. And it was kind of funny though when one of us gesture to the staff he held the water pitcher and walked towards us then we told him to serve our beverages, here’s the weird part – he didn’t refill our depleting ice water and walked away to get our beverages. So we needed to gesture again to refill the water.
Parking: 1/5
Menu: 4/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 4/5

Here’s the total bill:

We left the place contented.

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